It is the responsibility of every professional to use their skills and talents towards the upliftment of black businesses. Isizwe CA, believes that poverty is man-made and as a result the solutions to it can be found by men. Isizwe CA is dedicated to exploring various creative ways to dealing with the issue of job creation on a sustainable basis.

The municipalities spend millions of Rands per annum in delivering services to the communities, but this spending does not do enough in creating lasting jobs, and in many cases, it is businesses outside rural areas and townships that score millions leaving nothing behind for the local businesses to grow. The government has realised this problem and introduced rules in the preferential procurement framework that seeks to address this problem.
If the municipality can have thriving businesses in the area, it can be a direct boost to its revenue base as well.

Cost to municipality
No cost to municipality
Can only benefit from the support of its local business